Why you should vacuum before you clean your carpet ?

Before getting your carpet cleaned, you may be asked to vacuum the carpet beforehand.  You also may have your lingering in your mind like ...

  • Does the carpet need to be vacuumed  with a steam  cleaner or washing machine before cleaning?
  • Isn't it a waste of time to vacuum? 
  • Since these machines have suction power to pull back  dirty water, can't you handle them all  along with  cleaning?  

The absolute definite answer to this question is yes! Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed  with a standard household vacuum cleaner before being cleaned with a steam carpet washer or carpet cleaner. 

Keep Dirt Out - When dirt is let on the carpet for too long, it will mix in with carpet fibres, so when we try to remove it (with a vacuum cleaner) it is often too late.

Save Time - Regular vacuuming will leave carpets looking fresh and new as well as will save you time when it comes time to clean them.

Save Money - Vacuuming before cleaning a carpet will make the job easier on both man and machine which will result in a faster clean time and lower cleaning expenses.


This removes dust particles as well as gravel and sand that have invaded the house. It  also loosens carpet fibres and loosens deep-seated dirt from the inside. This makes the entire carpet cleaning process more effective and allows for deeper cleaning. If the steam carpet cleaner has only one tank, this also reduces the frequency with which (dirty) water in the tank must be replaced during  carpet cleaning. 

When vacuuming, if you are allowed to pick up the carpet cleaner while cleaning, you may  notice small objects that can affect the carpet cleaner. Also, the  type of carpet cleaner used does not matter. It is more effective to vacuum before vacuuming. 

Basically, there are  two types: carpet (steam) cleaners, also known as carpet scrubbers, and handheld carpet spot cleaners. If you skip the vacuuming process and clean and accumulate dirt and dirt, you can also stain something along the cleaning path while you work and add it to the overall carpet cleaning process.  

Using dirty water to clean carpet has the same results as mopping a floor with dirty water.  The outcome is not so great.  When renting a carpet washing machine, keeping a specific schedule is the key to keeping rental costs down. Therefore, it is highly recommended to complete these other tasks in advance. 

 For this reason, you should vacuum the carpet before you pick it up. Also, take the  time to clean up this area, remove small pieces of furniture  and completely prepare your room  before you start using the carpet cleaner. 

 It is also highly recommended to read the instruction manual and machine manual before starting cleaning. You need to use this machine while the water in the tank is still hot. Therefore, the  more you concentrate, the faster you will finish. 

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